Letters to our daughter… Aug 2015


My little Rue, You are now three years old. You will be starting preschool in a week and you act like your in collage most the time. You ask a million questions… all good questions, but you never stop asking questions. You are so very curious and smart. You have never ending energy and are always running. Right now you love to dress up in pretty dresses and shoes and dance to what ever music you can find. You love all the princesses and pretty things you can get your hands on, but don’t let that fool you, you love to get dirty and bonk Daddy’s fish on the head.  You are a big sister now and you are the best big sister. I love how helpful you are and how much you adore your little sister. I love your sweet little voice and you are so sweet and kind to everyone around you. The other day we learning stories about Jesus and today you said to me “Mommy Jesus wants us to share  so I am going to share my toys with you”. After which you went and got your favorite stuff animal for me to hold. Your daddy, Little sister, and I all love you so very very much. You are make me laugh constantly.  WE LOVE YOU BUG!

Love Mommy

Letters to our Daughter.

Dear River,

You are two and a half and in one week-ish you will be a big sister. You are learning and growing so much everyday. It is so fun to see the excitement in your eyes when you discover something or learn something new. You LOVE hiking with your Mommy and Daddy. When I ask you what do you want to do today you often say “I want to go HIKING”. Your Daddy loves to teach you things about nature on our hikes. You are so smart you remember so many things. You love finding moose poops and seeing all the wild life. You take after your Mommy and love collecting rocks and sticks on our adventures. You also take after your Mommy in that you have to do everything by yourself and we have to bribe you with your favorite treat (fruit snacks) in order to get you to sit in the back pack. You are the joy of our life and are already out hiking your Daddy and Mommy. I love you my outdoor adventure girl.


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